offers · 07. October 2019
Participa en el sorteo en nuestras redes sociales: Facebook: @spanishxall Instagram: @spanishxall CONDICIONES: -Sorteo válido desde del 15 al 31 de octubre de 2019 - Dar Me gusta a la publicación - Mencionar a un amigo - Seguir en redes sociales a @spanishxall - Comentar tu frase hecha favorita en español - Válido para clases presenciales y online - El día 1 de noviembre se publicará el ganador
offers · 29. July 2019
Descubre una nueva forma de aprender y practicar tu español mientras estás en Granada. Las clases de Spanish for all se realizan en los lugares más emblemáticos de la ciudad para que puedas conocer Granada y aprender español a la vez. Puedes disfrutar de tu clase gratuita cualquier día de la semana, a cualquier hora y además, se lo puedes decir a tus amigos y disfrutar de la clase juntos. Si quieres disfrutar de una clase totalmente gratuita, reserva antes del 31 de octubre y prueba la...
offers · 28. January 2019
Today we are launching a very special partnership, born from the recent agreement between Mas Danza Mariola de Burgos and Spanish for all. Learn Sevillanas and rumba in “Mas Danza Mariola de Burgos” with this incredible offer!
offers · 19. January 2019
Some of you are people from countries with different coin that is not the €. If you need to turn your coin into another one, Alhambra Viajes is the best option.
offers · 28. October 2018
There isn't too much to say in this post. Sport offers plenty of benefits to us: - Better health - Keep on fit - Improve your concentration. You can practise sport in different ways and places. - Parks - Walking around the city - Dancing -Sport Centre If you want to explore different kind of sports, in the same place, @beone is your place.
offers · 21. October 2018
Even if you are studying, working or travelling, there are so many thing that could produce you some stress: - Discover a new city - New routine - New language - Meet friends - Flamenco lessons - Parties - Tapas - Tour guides To sum up it's a new experience and we encourage you to feel everything of it. But sometimes it's necessaty to take a break of everything and spend a day doing nothing or take the day for yourself. Today we propouse you a esthetic centre where you could receive every...
offers · 20. October 2018
In Granada when you order a drink in a bar you automatically get a tapa (small dish of food) for free, yes we said FREE. In this manner, usually, you can eat only tapas and get full with them (That also depends on the kind of bars you chose). We even have a verb for that: TAPEAR. It is common in Granada meeting with your friedns on Saturday/Sunday afternoon (13:30-14:00) for TAPEAR in different bars,, after that, drink a coffee or tea, and then.... maybe a drink or two. That's how a #granaino...
offers · 12. October 2018
All we know about the amazing tapas in Granada, and also how cheap they are, but.... sometimes we want to eat at home, but we are too lazy to cook real food. Today, we bring you the definitive solution to that : HOMEMADE MEAL. In Bouket it's been cooked delicious meal everyday with high quality. You only have to order, pay and eat when you want where you want.
offers · 30. September 2018
Drink just coffee or smell, feel and drink coffee? Think about it, it isn't the same. There are so many places where you can find coffee but find a good place where it is served good coffee it coul be difficult. @La Finca Coffee is always a good option. It is well located and they offer take-away coffee too.
offers · 30. September 2018
This time we bring you a special offer. One of the most difficult things to find when you leave your hometown is a good beauty centre where you can have all the treatments you had. We know it's is so difficult to trust in other person who is not your hairdresser or your beauty advisor. On the other hand, when we change the city, the country even the continent and that could produce some skin changes to us. But we have the solution: @EMEV

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